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22 December 2018

New Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi

The latest Raspbian operating system for the Raspberry Pi has a number of useful features and updates.

For example, Pi owners now have access to a Pi-optimised of the powerful and popular VLC video player app.

All you Python coders can fire up a major new version of the Thonny IDE. Thonny version 3 introduces Breakpoints, to help weed out coding bugs, and a code-analysing assistant and improve your coding skills.

And now there are three separate Raspbian OS image versions to choose from:
• Full - with apps such as LibreOffice, Scratch, Sonic Pi, Thonny, Mathematica.
• Stretch - which omits these additional apps (and so is smaller in size)
• Stretch Lite - a command line only version (no desktop user interface)

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1 December 2018

Learn Python 3 on the Raspberry Pi Tutorials

My popular Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi tutorial series is now Python 3 compatible.

I've updated all the code examples to run in Python 3, and tested them with version 3.5 and 3.6.

Where appropriate I make references to Python 2.7 differences, for example in the tkinter GUI tutorial series of posts.

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