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13 April 2019

Python Game Source Code Listings

In every edition of the Wireframe magazine the Toolkit section's Source Code article demonstrates how write game code in the Python coding language.

For example Wireframe issue 10 covers the classic arcade game Pang, which was ported to the ZX Spectrum, Amiga, and Commodore 64 home computers of the day.

Thanks to the popular Pygame Zero library module you can simulate the balloon spawning element of the game with an impressively short code listing.

And you can download the source code from GitHub: wfmag.cc/wfmag10.

Free Raspberry Pi Python Coding Tutorials

1 April 2019

micro:bit MicroPython Coding Tutorials

It's easier than you think to begin coding in MicroPython with the micro:bit board.
My straightforward, step-by-step tutorials will to guide you through the coding process.
Have fun!

Getting Started

   • Introducing the micro:bit

   • MicroPython Coding in 4 Simple Steps

   • MicroPython Coding with the Mu Editor

LED and Button Coding Tutorials

   • Build a Countdown Timer

   • Display Images and Animations

   • Create Custom LED Images

   • Capture Button Presses

Sensor Coding Tutorials

   • Access CPU Temperature Sensor Data

   • Capture Accelerometer Movement Gestures

   • Accelerometer Gestures Dice Shaker

   • Accelerometer Spirit Level

   • Magnetometer Compass

Image Animation Tutorials

   • Image Animation Code

   • Image Animate Class

Discover More

See how to have some robotic fun with my micro:bit MOVE Mini robot post.

Read my post about using the Thonny Python editor with the micro:bit.

Find out more about the MicroPython language on the official MicroPython website.

Try My Free Raspberry Pi Python Coding Tutorials