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NFC News

This month I noticed three NFC related stories which confirm some of the ideas and projections made in my August 2010 Micro Mart magazine feature article on Near Field Communication.

The first story strongly suggests the iPhone 5 will have NFC technology. Interestingly, an earlier article also mentions Apple's patent filings on iPay, iBuy and iCoupons, in connection with their NFC device triggering filings.

The second is an interesting story about NFC enabled toys from Silicon Valley start-up Nukotoys. Not likely to make much of a showing this Christmas - but maybe something to look out for late 2011.

The third is a pre-announcement regarding the next Android OS version - namely Android Gingerbread 2.3. Gingerbread has NFC support to read RFID tags as well as communicate with other phones, payment systems and other possible applications. It's due out well before Apple's regular iPhone mid-year product update, as I suggested in the article.

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