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About Me

Blog: Over 300,000 page views for my free Python and Java coding tutorials, my Raspberry Pi posts, my micro:bit posts and my book reviews.

Freelance Writing: Over 330 articles for weekly and monthly magazines.

Copywriting: For technology-centric product brochures and website content.

Illustrations: CoderDojo organisation illustrated coding handouts and learning materials.

Digital Art: Drawing and Painting with Apple iPad apps including Procreate and Paper by FiftyThree.

Software Consultancy: Over 30 years experience (as listed below).
Royal London
Astra Zeneca
GEC Alsthom
ICL Financial Services
Barclays Bank PLC
Microsoft Consultancy
ASK/Ingres Consultancy
North West Water
British Library
County NatWest
Price Waterhouse
Ingres Consultancy
Employment Services
K2 Software Developments
Thornhill Computer Services
C.G.S. (at UNISYS)
GEC Meters
ICI Pharmaceuticals
W&T Avery
Allied Mills
Shell UK Limited
Methods Workshop
Production Control Information
• Best Practices Consultant
• Technical Architect
• Solutions Architect
• Software Developer

• PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• XML, AJAX, SOAP, IIS, Apache
• Python, Java, VBScript
• C#, VC++, C++, C, COM, Win32
• Eclipse, Visual Studio
• Oracle, Ingres, SQLServer, Access
• Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS
• Raspberry Pi, micro:bit

Astronomy and Astrophysics qualifications:
University of Manchester - Physics and Astronomy:
• 2001 Certificate (with Merit) - Life In The Universe
• 2002 Certificate (with Merit) - Introduction to Radio Astronomy
    including a weekend using the telescopes at Jodrell Bank
    with (the now famous) Professor Tim O'Brien
Liverpool John Moores University:
• 2001 Professional Development (with Distinction) - Astronomy
• 2003 Professional Development (with Distinction) - Planetary Atmospheres

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