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About Me

As a Freelance Writer I've had over 330 articles published for weekly and monthly magazines over a six year period. I've also provided copywriter services including material for marketing documents, product brochures and websites.

My IT Consultant experience spans 30 years covering the organisations, roles and technologies listed below.
Royal London
Astra Zeneca
GEC Alsthom
ICL Financial Services
Barclays Bank PLC
Microsoft Consultancy
ASK/Ingres Consultancy
North West Water
British Library
County NatWest
Price Waterhouse
Ingres Consultancy
Employment Services
K2 Software Developments
Thornhill Computer Services
C.G.S. (at UNISYS)
GEC Meters
ICI Pharmaceuticals
W&T Avery
Allied Mills
Shell UK Limited
Methods Workshop
Production Control Information
• Best Practices Consultant
• Technical Architect
• Solutions Architect
• Interface Designer
• Software Developer

• PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• XML, AJAX, SOAP, IIS, Apache
• Python, Java, VBScript
• C#, VC++, C++, C, COM, Win32
• Eclipse, Visual Studio
• Oracle, Ingres, SQLServer, Access
• Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi

In addition I gained the following Astronomy and Astrophysics qualifications after completing these distance learning courses:
University of Manchester - Physics and Astronomy (Jodrell Bank)
• 2001 Certificate (with Merit) - Life In The Universe
• 2002 Certificate (with Merit) - Introduction to Radio Astronomy
Liverpool John Moores University
• 2001 Professional Development (with Distinction) - Astronomy
• 2003 Professional Development (with Distinction) - Planetary Atmospheres

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