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'Coding Challenges' Series

Starting this week, issue 1182, is my new seven part series, Coding Challenges, which takes an in-depth look the challenges faced by software programmers.

The introductory article starts off by explaining why I believe programming is both and art and a craft.

The second article embarks on a mission to find the most appropriate software language for your project or task.

Article three examines the ever present issue of complexity, and discovers the inescapable need to become a polyglot programmer.

The fourth article is all about client-side development, including web browser technology and the various web development languages.

Article five turns its attention to server-side web development, including webpage delivery, data-rich web services and cloud-based computing.

The penultimate article examines how PC operating system evolution, cloud-centric computing and mobile device apps impact software development.

The series concludes with an investigation into the challenges involved with handling, storing, processing and analysing scientific data.

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