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Raspberry Pi Updates and News

Keeping up with the news and events in the fast moving Raspberry Pi world can be tricky.

Read my Raspberry Pi Updated article to discover the essential manufacturing, availability, software and community news - out now in Micro Mart issue 1233.

Here are a few extracts:

Coinciding with the revision 2.0 announcement is the news that Raspberry Pi boards will now be manufactured in the UK. It's a happy announcement in these times of gloomy economic outlook and high levels of unemployment.

The Sony factory, situated in the Welsh town of Pencoed, is the chosen site. Sony have had electronic manufacturing facilities in Wales for the last 40 years, and this particular factory is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Current production is around 2500 per day.

News and magazine coverage only seems to grow with each passing month. Here at Micro Mart we've published numerous Raspberry Pi articles including a getting started guide (July Special issue), building a media server (issue 1222), the summer coding competition (issue 1219) and a six part introduction to Python (issues 1220 to 1225).

Issue six of The MagPi monthly magazine, dedicated to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, came out this October. Each issue has a wide selection of hardware and software projects - such as the Skutter robot - plus a generous sprinkling of tutorials and tips. And best of all it's free to view and download.

Visit my Raspberry Pi page for news, reviews, advice and tutorials.

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