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Hack Minecraft with Python on the Raspberry Pi

Mojang recently released their free Minecraft: Pi edition - complete with hackable Python API.

Would you like to learn how to hack Minecraft with Python on your Raspberry Pi?

This week's Micro Mart magazine (issue 1257) contains the first of my two part mini-series on Pi Minecraft hacking.

Part one guides you through Minecraft installation before demonstrating how to interact with a live running game with Python's interactive mode and simple statements.

Part two dives further into the API with a step-by-step tutorial on creating a Minecraft hack module.

Here are a few extracts from part one:

There are many reasons to try Minecraft hacking. It's a visually interactive way to experiment with the Python language and so an ideal coding project for the novice Python coder.

Mojang's supplied Python application programming interface (API) ensures you're able to make dramatic physical changes to the Minecraft world with through code-driven crafting. With this API even a small program can offer a surprising amount of game functionality.

And, of course, it's great fun.

The Python modules that implement this package consist of the main minecraft module (minecraft.py), plus the block management (block.py), event handling (event.py), utility (util.py), coordinate conversion (vec3.py) and client-server communication (connection.py).

Are you starting to see the potential of Mojang's Python API? Using these API function calls you can dramatically change your world.

So, let your imagination run free. Python code can rapidly generate new landscapes, construct homes, build defences, plant crops, and so much more.

Also see my Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi tutorial.