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Learn Python - The Turtle Module

So, how do we access all this fun with Python? Well, it's all down to a module called turtle, which has a collection of Logo-like commands, implemented as functions - plus some useful window and event management features.

The turtle module's functionality is split into a number of categories. In broad terms these are:

 turtle movement
 pen control
 colour and fill settings
special shapes
window management
event handling


The turtle module is already installed with Python 3, but not always there with Python 2.7. To check start new a Python interactive session and enter this statement:

>>> import turtle

If you see an error message about a missing module, don't worry. Presuming you are running the standard Debian Linux image, make sure the Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet, open a Terminal window and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install python-tk

If prompted enter the password you used to login in with, and reply y to any prompts.

Now we can write our first turtle graphics code.

A post from my Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi tutorial.