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Web Skills: Patience and Perseverance

Creating a world class website isn't a five minute activity. The best sites have pages and pages of interesting, informative, topical and captivating content; all interlinked into a cohesive, easy-to-navigate experience.

Building such a collection takes many months of creative effort. Even then there's no time to relax. The appeal of a static, unchanging website will soon dwindle.

A lively, topical, frequently refreshed website will entice visitors to return time and time again to discover what's new. Even spending just 15 minutes a day to update and refine your pages will give you the edge on rival websites.

Of course, at times building a great website can seem a little daunting to even the most patient and committed person. One way to provide encouragement is to regularly review search engine statistics. Noting how the audience swells as your website content expands in quantity and quality is a extremely motivational.

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