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Start Coding: Learning Resources

A decade ago books and magazines were an essential resource for the budding coder. Today the learning experience has been enhanced by a wealth of online blogs, tutorials and purpose-made training sites.

Nevertheless, it's all too easy to find webpages that contain errors and misinformation. So, the printed word still has an important role to play.

Choose a book from a reputable publisher, such as O'Reilly , and you can be confident that the contents have been thoroughly checked by an editor plus numerous technology experts. And a good quality reference book will only extend and reinforce information gather from other sources.

With a book you can dip into a particular section in seconds, quickly scan the contents, glossary or index for a particular subject, or skip backwards and forwards between topics. Trying to do the same with a collection of web pages can be a frustrating experience - and it's even trickier with a video.

Magazine tutorials are important too. Typically written by seasoned professionals they're able to introduce a coding language in just a few pages, complete with verified code examples and recommended places for further reading and research.

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