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Start Coding: Scripting Projects

If your focus is on building stand-alone applications then scripting languages are a good first choice.

One of most flexible is Python. It's a free-to-use language that runs on every popular operating system. A blend of power and simplicity, plus the clear, easy-to-grasp syntax, means it's an ideal choice for the first-time coder.

Python's large module collection offers a rich set of built-in functionality, including user-interfaces, graphics, games, websites, robotics, maths, scientific research and much more.

Many similar scripting languages are available, most of which also run on virtually any computing platform. Ruby, PHP, Perl and Lua are particularly popular.

BASIC is the classic introductory coding language. Windows PC owners can give Microsoft's Small BASIC a try. The associated website includes numerous graphical and game-themed projects, with full source code listings.

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