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Apple vs Samsung Design Battle

In the battle between Apple and Samsung to design the next round of mobile devices, wearable tech, multi-platform operating systems and user-experience interfaces who will come out on top?

If it was a numbers game Samsung would win hands down.

Samsung has six Korean R&D centres plus more than a dozen others in America, India, Russia and other strategic locations around the world, including a strong European base in countries such as the UK, Poland and Finland.

These Samsung centres employ over 1,000 designers who work with advanced materials, user interfaces, graphics, digital media, printing, communications, cloud-computing and, of course, hardware and software engineering.

In stark contrast Apple employs less that 20 designers. They are housed in a single, super-secure R&D centre built into the heart of its head quarters building. So secure in fact that only Tim Cooke and few other top executives are allowed entry.

Samsung is said to lead the world in digital photography research. And its chip designs are so good even Apple sources the processors for its iOS devices from Samsung.

Samsung R&D labs developed the Galaxy Note range of smartphones and tablets. Devices which offer fast and smooth multi-tasking, multi-windowed interfaces, along with the much admired S-Pen technology. Innovations that are unmatched by others, including anything in Apple's product line.

And Samsung isn't afraid to invest when in-house innovations don't meet its own high quality standards. For example it is reportedly in talks to acquire Nuance, the accepted world leader in voice recognition technology.

Interestingly, Nuance technology also underpins Apple's Siri - for the time being at least.

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