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Astro Pi Data: Build Your Own Astro Pi

Would you like to build your very own Astro Pi to perform scientific experiments?

Well all you need is a Raspberry Pi board, a camera module and a Sense HAT. Some experiments can be done with the camera alone, but it's the Sense HAT that offers the most experimental potential.

Priced at under £30 the Sense HAT is a true multi-functional beast. Here's the feature list:

• 8×8 RGB LED display
• Gyroscope
• Accelerometer
• Magnetometer
• Temperature sensor
• Humidity sensors
• Barometric pressure sensor
• Mini 5 button joystick

For robustness Ed and Izzy are housed in a custom-made 6063 grade aluminium flight case. Yet you can even replicate this feature too as a Raspberry Pi blog post explains how to fabricate an Astro PI case using a 3D printer.

Also see my Astro Pi Data: Python Basics tutorial post.

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