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micro:bit Overview

The micro:bit is a small embedded system designed to help schools teach coding and other constructional thinking activities.

Despite its diminutive size the board is loaded with features. The most obvious are the 5x5 LED matrix display and the two push buttons.

However, there's also temperature, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, both radio and bluetooth wireless communication, plus an array of digital and analog I/O pins that interface connect the micro:bit to electronic circuits, additional sensors, robotic kits and other gadgets.

Once connected to a PC or Raspberry Pi via the USB cable you can write and download micro:bit programs using Code Blocks, MicroPython, C++ or Javascript/Typescript.

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1 comment:

kilnageer said...

Thanks David. I'm just about to start the Shannon CoderDojo (in Clare, Ireland) and its great you have taken the time to create tutorials. Ha! I'm 57, been hardware/firmware/etc for 40 years and its like being a kid again messing with the Micro! Great fun!