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Portable Raspberry Pi

Are you looking to make your Raspberry Pi more portable? Or maybe you're working on a project (such as a weather station) which dictates the Pi will be located some distance from a convenient power source?

Luckily the Pi can run from a small power source, such as a battery pack. Battery life will depend on three factors. Firstly, whether you own a Model A or Model B, the Model A should last over twice as long. Secondly, the number of other devices you have attached. And thirdly, the processing requirements of your apps.

Adafruit has a professional looking solution. The kit includes a rechargeable battery and simply plugs into one of the USB ports.

For more of a DIY solution which uses standard AA batteries visit this raspberrypi-spy web page.

Of course, you could go even further and construct a solar powered solution, as described on this CNET web page.

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