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Create MicroPython programs for the micro:bit
It's easier than you think to begin coding in Python with the micro:bit board.
My step-by-step micro:bit MicroPython coding tutorials will to guide you through the coding process. Have fun!

Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi
Learn how easy it is to create fun and useful Python programs for your Raspberry Pi with my comprehensive 7 section - 45+ part Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi tutorial - complete with code examples.

Java Editors for the Raspberry Pi
Interested in Java coding with the Raspberry Pi but unsure which Pi-friendly editor to use?
Then check out my Geany, DrJava, Greenfoot and BlueJ editor posts.

Java and JavaScript on the Raspberry Pi
Although Python has a huge Raspberry Pi community Java is also growing in popularity. The Minecraft Pi Edition game has a Java API as I show in my Raspberry Pi Minecraft hacking with BlueJ post. And if you already had JavaScript skills why not take a look at my JavaScript with Oracle Nashorn and Java 8 post.

Create World Class Websites
Discover the skills you'll need in my 10 Essential Web Skills posts.

Build Desktop and Mobile Apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Discover what's involved with my Appcelerator Titanium Development posts.

Start Coding Series
Want to become a coder? Unsure how to get started? My Start Coding series will help you answer the important questions, such as which language to use, what development environment and tools you'll need and how to select your first coding project.

Coding Book Reviews
My programming books review include Conrad Barski's Land Of Lisp, Brett McLaughlin's PHP and MySQL and Microsoft 2010 Formulas and Functions.

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