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Twitchhiker by Paul Smith

An epic travel journey, conceived in a bath, finalised in a supermarket, enacted within days of getting married, and all totally reliant on the kindness and generosity of the Twitter community.

Most people would be nervous of relying on 140 character tweets to see them safely transported across their local town. Paul had a bigger idea, a much bigger idea. From Newcastle in the north-east of England to Campbell Island at the southern most tip of New Zealand - in just 30 days.

With a smooth writing style, flowing pace and plenty of humour, this book describes the incubation, preparation and unpredictable events of his adventure.

Events that evolved from insufficient items of clothing, spontaneous friendships, even radio and TV appearances. An adventure involving ferries, planes, cars and buses, passing though Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Kansas City, Laurence, Wichita, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Auckland, Wellington and Stewart Island.

An idea which finished 18,848 km from his home. A trip that raised over £5,000 for charity: water. And a book that's well worth reading.

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