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Start Coding: Motivation

Personal motivation is a key factor in deciding how to get started. So, it's a good idea to spend a little time thinking about this question.

Maybe it's so you can say, "I did that." Even a tiny piece of code can engender a deep sense of achievement.

Start with just a couple of lines, then slowly add more code. Just as the wise philosopher knows every journey begins with a single step, the wise coder knows every program starts with a single code statement.

Let's explore a few more reasons to code.

A Web Presence

Maybe you want a presence on the web. Creating a simple web page doesn't take too long. And, as your knowledge increases, you'll be able to build a web site that showcases your individuality, imagination and design flair.

It's also a low-cost entry into programming. Everything you'll need to create a rich website is freely available. Some organisations offer simple web hosting services for free, while others can cost as little as a few pounds per month.

Community Involvement

Maybe you've been inspired to become involved in a community project. There's thousands of open source projects to choose from. Some aim to bring brand new technology or apps to the market place. While others have a scientific or environmental focus, offering the opportunity to take part in in worthwhile, or even world-changing, challenges.

Open source projects provide full access to the source code. It's a great opportunity to learn coding techniques from other developers. There's usually a list of tasks that require attention. These tasks can involve fixing bugs, making small refinements to existing code or adding new functionality.

Though need to gain a little coding experience before uploading your own contributions.

Becoming a Software Professional

Maybe your goal is to become a software professional. Unsurprisingly this will take some time, not to mention dedication and focus. But the rewards are considerable.

The world is full of software opportunities, and every year tens of thousands of new ones become available. And coding positions tend to offer salaries well above the national average.

The ever changing technology landscape means it's possible to be an expert in a burgeoning field relatively quickly. Nevertheless, the professional software developer invariably has many years of coding experience.

Today, most software projects involve more than one language. For example website construction typically involves HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. So, a primary goal should be to learn a few complimentary software languages.

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