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Start Coding: Why Code?

There are many reasons to attain at least a basic level of coding expertise.

For a start it will help you appreciate what makes your computing devices tick.

Take mobiles devices for example. Did you know the Android smartphone and tablet operating system has around 12 million lines of code? Printed out the stack of paper would be as high as a typical family house. And every single one of those characters has been typed by human hand.

Today most road vehicles rely on tens of millions of lines of code for engine management, safety devices and entertainment systems. With the next generation this figure could rise to over 100 million.

Another reason is to take back a level of control in this digital age. Without any coding skills you're just a consumer. One who's only choices are restricted to off-the-shelf products, from companies who've already decided what you want.

Digital counterculture figure Douglas Ruskoff explores this theme in his Program Or Be Programmed book and talks. While technologist and musician Jaron Lanier expresses a similar point of view in his books You Are Not A Gadget and Who Owns The Future.

For yet more reasons take a look at this well produced video on the 'why code' question.

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