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Thonny Python REPL on the Raspberry Pi

Thonny IDE

Python coders who use the latest Raspberry Pi Raspbian Pixel distro will find the Thonny Python REPL development tool is pre-installed.

Thonny is a far better development option option than IDLE or many other Python editors. Thonny comes with Python 3.6 built-in, has many pro-level features, yet retains an easy-to-use user interface.

Thonny's advanced features include:

• Code completion: helps beginners explore the Python language and reduce typos

• REPL Shell: quickly try out Python statements and play with new packages

• Deep Code Debugger: step through actual code elements and expression evaluations

• Variable Viewer: monitor the value of your variables in real time

• Function Call Visualisation: including a way to see how recursion works in practice

• Syntax Error Highlighting: identifies common errors like missing quotes or parentheses

• Scope Detection: ensures local variables are visually distinguishable from global variables

Sound interesting? Then head over to the Thonny.org webpage where you'll find additional information, a Thonny in action video demo, plus download instructions for older Raspbian distro releases or Windows, macOS and Linux.

And there's more helpful information in an online MagPi Thonny tutorial.

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