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Scratch 3.0 - Out Now

The latest edition of the popular block-based Scratch coding language, version 3.0, is out now.

Version 3 has been completely rewritten to work in any modern HTML 5 browser. This means it'll also work on most tablets. And it's also available as a Mac or Windows standalone download (with iOS and Android coming soon).

There's a New Paint Editor and New Sound Editor, an extended range of Fonts and much more. For more information on the new features check out the Official Scratch 3.0 video.

Scratch 3.0 Extensions add support for a wide range of functionality including:
• digital pen support (to help create those custom sprites and their costumes)
• Video Sensing
• Music blocks
• Text-to-Speech
• Language Translation
• the Micro:bit platform
• Lego® Mindstorms EV3

To start coding goto the Scratch 3.0 Tutorial or just Dive Into the Scratch 3.0 Editor.

Try my Free micro:bit MicroPython Coding Tutorials page.

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