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Apple iPad and Apple Pencil Confusion

After the recent Apple announcement there are now five iPads in the range.

This fact alone means it is difficult for the typical consumer to make a buying decision.

And the Apple Pencil support is even more confusing. While they all support the Apple Pencil, the 2019 iPads only support the Apple Pencil 1, while the 2018 iPad Pros only support the Apple Pencil 2.

Not a situation I'd expect to witness in the Steve Jobs era.

One way to clear up the Apple Pencil confusion is to change the names to...
Apple Pencil Classic (for non-Pro iPads)
Apple Pencil Pro (for iPads Pros)

On a related note now we have Apple Pencil support on the complete iPad range will we start to see coding tools that can generate code from Pencil-drawn gestures and symbols?

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