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Java 11 Coding on the Raspberry Pi

Java on Raspberry Pi

In the latest MagPi magazine issue #93 there's an article by Frank Delporte on the Java programming language.

The topic is Get Started with Java and Electronics and it's a great introduction to beginning to use the Java OpenJDK 11 - as included with the Raspberry Pi Raspbian operating system.

The article's code examples start with a 'Hello World' class, then move on to interfacing with the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins for developing electronics projects.

For the best Java coding experience you'll ideally need a Raspberry Pi 4 with as much memory as possible - 4GB would be best.

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Niekev said...

Dear David, thanks for the nice reference to my article! Be sure to check out my blog www.webtechie.be for more Java, JavaFX and Raspberry Pi tutorials.