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8GB Raspberry Pi Model 4B and RPI OS

Raspberry Pi

After almost 3 million sales the Raspberry Pi 4B now comes in an 8GB version, which is available to purchase for $75.

It was already known that the RPi 4B's BCM2711 chip could address up to 16GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM. But only now does a new Micron-designed component enable the 8GB version to be manufactured.

To complement the 8GB RPI 4B there's a new beta-level 64-bit ARM version of the Raspberry Pi operating system to utilise all those extra gigabytes.

New OS features include:

• Bookshelf app to access Raspberry Pi Press magazines, including The MagPi, HackSpace and Wireframe (found in the Help menu). Any magazine PDF downloads are saved in the “Bookshelf” sub-directory of your home directory.

• Magnifier app to improve is accessibility to the Desktop for people with visual impairments. Once installed a magnifying glass icon appears at the right-hand end of the taskbar. To use click this icon (or use the Ctrl-Alt-M shortcut) and then play with the zoom and static-window/follow-cursor options.

• User research allows anyone to send back feedback how you use your Raspberry Pi. It is in the form of a questionnaire, which appears the first time the Chromium browser is launched. There are just four questions and the associated unique id string doesn't compromise your animininity.

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