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Raspberry Pi Pico W

Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched an updated Pico board called the Pico W.

As the name suggests the new $6 Pico product has wireless caabilities, specifically 802.11n wireless networking based on the CYW43439 wireless chip and encapsulated in a metal shield can.

The Pico W is powered by 40nm low-power RP2040 microcontroller, with two 133MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ cores, 264kB of on-chip SRAM and their unique programmable I/O subsystem. It also retains complete pin compatibility with the original Pico.

Interestingly the CYW43439 chip also supports both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low-Energy - which may be enabled at a future date.

C developers can use the updated the Pico SDK, which now has wireless networking support. Meanwhile MicroPython users will soon have an updated UF2 image with networking support for Pico W, implemented in a network module.

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