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New Raspberry Pi OS and the Model 5

Does the latest official operating system release from the Raspberry Pi Foundation hint it is preparing the way for a new and even more powerful Raspberry Pi?

To take full advantage of this new Debian 11 ‘Bullseye’ based OS, and access its ’Mutter’ windows manager, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi Model 4 board or Raspberry Pi 400 desktop PC.

To satisfy users with older Raspberry Pi models with less RAM there is, for the first time, a ‘legacy’ OS version - which supports the older Openbox windows manager.

This OS fragmentation may suggest something about the future of the Raspberry Pi.

Might we see the release of an even more powerful Raspberry Pi Model 5, or a Raspberry Pi 500 desktop PC - say on the upcoming end-of-February Raspberry Pi birthday?

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