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Raspberry Pi Java with DrJava

So the Raspberry Pi has a new performance-enhanced port of Oracle Java programming language.

But some of the traditional Java IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans are large, memory-hogging applications. Is there a more Pi-friendly alternative?

Dr Java is one option. The classic interface has all the features you'd expect, such as syntax highlighting and one-click compilation or execution. There's a useful quickstart guide on the website.

For the Pi the pure-Java jar file version is the best option. Simply download the file, move to the download directory, then execute this command in a terminal window:

$ java -jar drjava-stable-20130901-r5756.jar

You could create a desktop short cut which executes the above command for a more convenient single-click solution (note: it can take a little while for the editor window to appear).

A screenshot of the Dr Java editor with a classic Hello World class appears below.

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