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Raspberry Pi Minecraft with BlueJ

Mojang created a special Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft specifically to encourage game hacking. This free version of the game includes Python and Java API's.

The API and Demo packages contain numerous classes. But what's a good tool for navigating the code?

Well, a visual way to begin Minecraft hacking in Java is with the BlueJ editor.

A recent Michael Kolling's Oracle Java Magazine article demonstrates how to install and run the Pi-friendly BlueJ 3.14 on your Raspberry Pi.

Open the API root source file folder as a Non-BlueJ Project. Now you'll have a class diagram for each package and a syntax-highlighting editor to browse the code. You can do the same for the Demo source code.

The images below give a flavour of how it will look.

The main 'pi' package:

The pi.event package:

The pi.demo package:

Source code for the LowLevelDemo class:

Javadoc for the Log class:

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