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Oracle Java 8 for Raspberry Pi

Oracle Java 8 is out. And it includes a first-step implementation of the long proposed Compact Profiles, a modularisation of the Java libraries (part of Project Jigsaw).

And that's good news for Raspberry Pi owners. Why? Well the memory footprint of Java 8 SE Embedded has been significantly reduced, down to under 11MB in some scenarios. That's much smaller that the 44MB memory footprint of the Java 7 SE Embedded solution.

Want to find out more? The Oracle Learning Library is about to launch a free online course called Develop Java Embedded Applications Using a Raspberry Pi.

The course is presented as a series of short videos and includes expert tuition from people like Stephen Chin, Jim Weaver, Simon Ritter, Angela Caicedo and Tom McGinn, plus source code examples. It kicks off on 31st March 2014.

You'll find more information on Java editors for the Raspberry Pi and the Pi Java Minecraft API in my post Raspberry Pi friendly Java Code Editors.

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