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Mars Rover for Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero

JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

With all the excitement of the NASA Mars 2020 Mission launch on 30th July, maybe you fancy building your own Mars Rover vehicle.

Then take a look at the 4tronix MARS Rover Robot Kit.

The self-assembly kit is loosely based on the NASA/JPL Curiosity and Mars 2020 rover designand uses a similar rocker arm, bogey and differential arm mechanism.

It can be controlled with either a Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero and comes complete with coding support for both these boards.

MARS Rover Robot Kit features include:
• 6 Motors - 80 rpm 6V, N20 micro gear motors
• 4 Servos - MG90S metal gear analog micro servos
• 4 Fire LEDS
• Ultrasonic distance sensor on steerable mast
• 30 special PCBs
• 11 different PCB designs

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