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CircuitPython, Adafruit and MicroPython

CircuitPython is a variant of the python language specifically aimed at the popular range of maker-style board products from AdaFruit Industries.

Digging under the covers the CircuitPython language is actually a fork of the popular MicroPython language. Consequently when there's a MicroPython update the CircuitPython language is also updated to accommodate any new features and functionality.

However, MicroPython is designed to support a much wider range of boards from many different manufacturers. As a result coding in CircuitPython is going to be a little different in places, so using a MicroPython reference manual isn’t always going to work.

Also note that CircuitPython only has a single file module download to the target board. While his means it isn't as flexible as MicroPython, it does make it considerably simpler to implement and debug.

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