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Raspberry Pi 4 - Out Now

Raspberry Pi

The powerful new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is available to buy right now.

In real world usage it'll be 2x or 3x quicker than a Pi 3, with upgraded graphical performance and the latest USB ports.

Here's a quick summary of the key features:

• faster 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM CPU built with 28nm technology
• 1GB/2GB/4GB RAM options with 100% more bandwidth speed
• support for dual 4K resolution displays
• a USB-C power connector (issue with e-marked Apple-like cables)
• a much faster internal SD-CARD data interface
• a USB-C power connector
• two fast USB-3 connectors for external data storage
• true Gigabit Ethernet for faster networking
• WiFi dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac
• Bluetooth 5 BLE wireless communications

Try My Free Python Coding on your Pi 4 Model B

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