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Pi Wars 2019

The recent Pi Wars 2019 was spaced-themed affair in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing.

New challenges included rough terrain (crafted from plaster, wood, and bandages (crafted from plaster, wood, and bandages), fetch-and-carry Spirit Of Curiosity task, the Canyons of Mars autonomous maze navigation, the Hubble Telescope vision course and the Apollo 13 Obstacle Course (with a tricky PiBorg travellator section).

Competitor entries included a Mars Rover look-alike and a robot that looked like Starbug from Red Dwarf. And PiBorg demonstrated off their upcoming three-wheeled RockyBorg robot.

Maybe these Space-themed challenges and robots will inspire you own inventions, either at home or at your next CoderDojo or Code Club meeting?

Incidentally, there a collection of Space-themed projects in the latest edition of the Hack Space magazine.

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