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Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi

A Gentle Introduction to Python Coding on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost educational computing platform specifically aimed at hardware and software experimentation.

Raspberry Pi

This interactive tutorial is based around my multi-part Micro Mart magazine series Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi.

Learn Python by experimentation, typing in the fully documented code to discover how to program useful, educational and entertaining apps.

After each topic you'll know a little more about the Python coding and the art of programming.

The Python code runs on all Raspberry Pi boards, right up to the PI 5, and should also run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Here's the list of all the 45+ topics (now with more advanced subjects in section 7):

Part 1: Diving In
Why Python?
Which Python?
 Interactive Python
Assigning Variables
Using Functions
Introducing Modules
Your First Program

Part 2: Going Loopy
 Introducing Loops
 While Loops
 Timer App
 Running Timer
 For Loops
 File Walk App

Part 3: Building Blocks
 Program Structure
 Using Functions
 Creating Functions
 Guessing Game

Part 4: A GUI World
GUI Windows
GUI Code Structure
GUI Event Handling
Installing Tkinter
Simple GUI App
GUI File Search App

Part 5: Turtle Graphics Fun
What is Logo?
The Turtle Module
Move That Turtle
Draw In Colour
Turtle Patterns
Turtle Shapes
Tom The Turtle
Tom and Tim Stomp
Python Turtle Graphics for 3D Printing

Part 6: PyGame Basics
Why PyGame?
PyGame Overview
PyGame Installation
PyGame Events
PyGame Event Handling
PyGame Colours
PyGame Init Code
PyGame Screen Drawing
PyGame Complete App

Part 7: Python Math
Python Math - math Module
Python Math - Function Plotting
Python Math - Complex Numbers
Python Math - SageMath

Part 8: More Advanced Python Topics
Python 2 to 3 Conversion Tips
Python Turtle Graphics for 3D Printing
Handling Python Exceptions
Python Multi-core Processor Threads
Understanding Web Server Python Scripts
Python Scripting for Applications
Python Mobile Apps with Kivy
BottlePy Web Server - Tiny, Fast and Lightweight

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