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Raspbian 'Buster' for Raspberry Pi 4

The new Raspbian 'Buster' operating system, built on top of Debian 10 'Buster', was a necessity to fully utilise the impressive functionality built into the new Raspberry Pi 4.

However, the sudden appearance of the Pi 4 appears to have resulted in a rather rushed rollout. So rushed in fact that Raspbian 'Buster' was announced before the official release of the underlying Debian 10 'Buster' release - something Debian may not have been to happy about.

This haste contributed to a number of software and app issues for Pi 4 early adopter or anyone who had upgraded to the new Raspbian 'Buster'. In addition there's a Pi 4 hardware issue with using e-marked (Apple-style) USB-C cables for power (which seems to need a board revision fix) and concerns about the significantly more powerful CPU overheating.

Some of the key software issues have been fixed with the subsequent July Raspbian 'Buster' update. However, I suggest you schedule regular checks for yet more updates.

Even with these early teething problems, the Raspberry Pi 4 in it's 4GB configuration is the first Raspberry Pi family device that's a real desktop computer replacement contender. But, be sure to investigate fitting a CPU cooling system to safeguard your investment.

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