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LEGO® and Python and PyBricks

Over the 20 years LEGO® have created a number of intelligent programmable hub/brick technologies for LEGO® MINDSTORMS, LEGO® TECHNIC, LEGO® CITY, LEGO® BOOST and most recently LEGO® SPIKE.

However, the ability to use the Python programming language for coding LEGO® hub/bricks is a more recent innovation. One of the Python coding options is a module called PyBricks.

PyBricks has a number of advantages:
• It is Open Source with source code on GitHub
• It is based on the popular MicroPython language
• You can run your code directly on the hub/brick
• There's an app to write MicroPython scripts
• You can send scipts to the hub/brick via Bluetooth
• It offers precise motor control
• It is compatible with all official sensors and motors

PyBricks version 2.0 was a little limited in hub/brick support. But now, with PyBricks 3.0 Beta, there's support many more LEGO® platforms, including LEGO® BOOST, LEGO® TECHNIC Control+ and LEGO® City Trains.

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